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About Lockstitch Sewing Machine
- 2021-10-26-

A:What are the types of lockstitch machine?


There are two types of lockstitch machines based on the number of sewing needles and bobbins present, they are:


1.Single Needle Lockstitch Machine


2.Double Needle Lockstitch Machine


A double needle lockstitch machine works on the same principle as the Single needle lockstitch machine it just using two needles and two bobbins instead of single needle thus resulting in two parallel rows of lockstitch.


B:How does lockstitch machine works?


Lots of people choose lockstitch machine because of its essential stitch that could be utilized for a variety of purposes. The most important element of a lock-stitch mechanism is the shuttle hook and bobbin assembly. The bobbin is just a spool of thread positioned underneath the fabric. It sits in the middle of a shuttle, which is rotated by the machine's motor in synch with the motion of the needle. Then the needle pulls a loop of thread through the fabric, rises again as the feed dogs move the fabric along, and then pushes another loop in. But instead of joining the different loops together, the stitching mechanism joins them to another length of thread that unspools from the bobbin. When the needle pushes a loop through the thread, the rotary shuttle grips the loop with a hook. As the shuttle rotates, it pulls the loop around the thread coming from the bobbin. This makes for a very sturdy stitch.