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Rhinestone Hot Fix Machine Features
- 2021-10-27-

1. It does not occupy space and is easy to operate;

2. The machine can fix the beads on the material immediately by ultrasonic wave. It is suitable for the point-and-drilling drill on the clothing/shoes/accessories. The working efficiency is more than twice that of the traditional operation, and can be completed 270 grains/minute. It is especially suitable for pattern making. use;

3.NTK voltage transducer, the output is strong and stable; the hand-held transducer is matched with the replaceable vacuum nozzle, which is extremely flexible and widely used in riveting, spot welding, embossing, beading and other plastic processes.

4. Beautiful appearance, using microcomputer control, electronic tuning, frequency LCD display, continuous power adjustment, simple operation, short welding time, uniform heating, can minimize thermal impact, accurate, intuitive, convenient, stable and reliable, safe to use ;

5. The weldment has the characteristics of constant welding point, firm welding surface, high strength and environmental protection. The surface is clean and beautiful after welding is completed;