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Understanding How Sublimation Printing Works
- 2021-10-27-

“Sub-li-what-now?!” If you’ve ever wondered what this strange-looking word actually means — then wonder no more.

No, it isn’t an underwater warship or on-screen translations that help you understand a foreign film; it’s a high-tech printing process used mostly for print on demand apparel. Today we’re going to pick it apart — we’ll cover what it is, how it works, discuss the pros and cons, when to use it — and when not to.

What is sublimation?

Let’s start with the broad strokes. What exactly is sublimation?

In simple terms, it’s a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat.

In the world of apparel, it’s a game changer in that it allows whole garment prints — designs that go seam-to-seam.