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  • Portable Household Sewing Machine

    Portable Household Sewing Machine

    Features: Parameters:...READ MORE

  • Automatic Needle Threader Household Sewing Machine

    Automatic Needle Threader Household Sewing Machine

    Feature : Suitable for light to medium heavy materials. Long and wide working space is suitable for sizable materials. Light aluminium body is convenient to carry. It operates easily and the thread trace is even and beautiful. Description...READ MORE

  • Household Multifunctional Sewing Machine

    Household Multifunctional Sewing Machine

    Product Description This sewing machine is well-designed and easy to operate. Featureing different stitch patterns. This lightweight sewing machine lets creativity shinning. 1.Built-in light 2.24 Stitches 3.4 Step buttonholer 4.Adjustable zigzag stitch width 5.Automatic clutch for bobbin winding......READ MORE

  • Multifunctional Sewing Machine

    Multifunctional Sewing Machine

    Product number : MK653/MK6624 /MK1212 Details 1. Multi-function household sewing machine ,domestic sewing machine is reasonable construction, Super Quality, Easy Operation. you can use easy 2. Suitable for household sewing, embroidery can be many kinds of species, the main functions are straight......READ MORE

  • JA2 Household Sewing Machine

    JA2 Household Sewing Machine

    Product description (1).JA2-1 traditional household sewing machine 1.It is exquisitely manufactured with its reasonable construction and superior quality. 2.It is equipped with cam motion take up lever. oscillating shuttle and straight lockstitch. 3.It can be used according to customer's......READ MORE

  • High-intelligent Hand Stitch Sewing Machine

    High-intelligent Hand Stitch Sewing Machine

    Feature 1.Beading material in the same step both up and down and sewing become easier and cloth won't be creased; distance of stitch will keep the same. 2.Wide platform. It is convenient and flexible when sewing. 3.Adopting effective electronic positioning motor, it is more convenient and...READ MORE

  • 781 Computer Bead Edge Machine

    781 Computer Bead Edge Machine

    Features: 1. Easy to Operate. Operator puts the dress material on the machine and start pedal and it can complete with ease. 2. Change the knob position at the right side of the of the machine head, it will release the change of the stitch both upper and down. 3. Adopt design bearded needle, and......READ MORE

  • 781 Bead Edge Sewing Machine

    781 Bead Edge Sewing Machine

    Feature Use half stitch button while the rest length of the cloth is not long enough to sew a stitch Freely change the length of pin-point and stitch length, and the length of top and bottom thread trace can be kept even The special positioning device make the sewing much easier have tastex......READ MORE

  • 781 Hand Stitch Sewing Machine

    781 Hand Stitch Sewing Machine

    Feature 1,Turning length is not enough, the use of point to move the Tian needle can be convenient to complete sewing. 2,Freedom to adjust the bead point gauge size off the assembly line traces the same size, and to achieve. 3,Unique clear positioning device, complete the sewing is more easily.......READ MORE

  • Elelctronic Bartacking Sewing Machine 27

    Elelctronic Bartacking Sewing Machine 27

    Feature The maximum sewing speed reached 3000rpm after adoption of an optimal machine structure. Adopt computer directly drive, the machine start and stop rapid. Compared with traditional machine, it save the time by 35% and increase the productivity further. The presser foot lifter is driven by......READ MORE

  • Button Hole Sewing Machine

    Button Hole Sewing Machine

    Product description 1.The maximum sewing speed of 2,700 rpm has been achieved by the adoption of an optimal machine structure for high speed drive. 2.Skipped stitches are reduced The shape of the looper, the thread take-up amount and some other parts have been reviewed. Skipped stitches and......READ MORE

  • Button Stitch Machine

    Button Stitch Machine

    Application This machine is application to button-attaching for ordinary button with two button and others are also can be sewn by equipped with accessories. It’s weight material. Description: High-speed electric button sewing machine, with 33 kinds of different pattern, it is suitable for......READ MORE

  • Interlock Machine

    Interlock Machine

    Product description: Our firm is affianced in providing an outstanding quality series of Interlock Sewing Machine. Features: Elevated service life Rigid construction Easy Maintenance Characteristics: 1)This machine is basic model of high-speed cylinder-bed interlock machine, can be equipped......READ MORE

  • Industrial Interlock Sewing Machine

    Industrial Interlock Sewing Machine

    Product description: This models is direct drive cylinder bed interlock sewing machine with automatic trimmer, be suitable for kinds of fabric material to sew decoration stitches ,especially for the connection or decoration of kinds of neckline, cuff and other similar small parts, Adopt small......READ MORE

  • Regular Flat Bed Interlock Sewing Machine

    Regular Flat Bed Interlock Sewing Machine

    Product description: 1. This series have various special machines for different ornament stitches. It can meet the requirements of high quality and diversified stitches. 2. It adopts square cylinder sewing platform, several needles for cloth stitch, looper thread catching, differential feed...READ MORE

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