Automatic Pearl Fixing Machine

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Automatic Pearl Fixing Machine

Pearl size: 4, 5, 6, 8, 10,12mm round bead are available. Usage: This machine is applied to clothes, shoes, cap, belt, decoration, crafts, bag and other leather or fabric products...

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Product description

Ultrasonic hot drilling machine


Ultrasonic hot drilling, Dingzhu, point drill, is the use of ultrasonic high-frequency sound generator to produce 20KHZ (or 15KHZ) high-pressure, high-frequency signal, through the transducer system, the signal is converted to high-frequency mechanical vibration, (Bead), the temperature of the interface to the interface is increased by the friction between the drilling surface and the inner molecular member, and the diamond (bead) interface is rapidly melted when the temperature reaches the melting point of the diamond (beads) itself, And then filled in the gap between the interface, when the vibration stops, diamonds (beads) at the same time under certain pressure cooling stereotypes, to achieve a perfect welding.


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